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"Dr. Schwartz is a great dentist and the staff is nice and friendly. Dr. Schwartz is always willing to spend extra time and effort to save and rebuild your teeth. We finally found a dentist that does everything possible to avoid root canals and crowns. His priority is the health of your teeth. We completely trust him and our visits are stress free, we believe that he will do what’s in our best interest in the most natural way possible. We have had our share of dentists but since we’ve found Dr. Schwartz we’ve gone out of our way to see him. We drive from Chicago area to see him."

-- Joanna S.

"When you visit the office of Dr. Schwartz, you are treated with a genuine cocktail of professionalism and lovingkindness from the moment you enter the waiting room. This is holistic dentistry at its finest. The biomimetic experience begins with being greeted by incredibly attentive front office staff that make doing business a pleasure. Procedures are carefully explained in perfect detail and patient preferences noted and attentively executed. Follow-up calls ensure that patients are appreciated as intelligent consumers of a cutting edge product. As a naturopath and classical homeopath, I am both thrilled to both enjoy the results of Dr. Schwartz's dental expertise, and to enthusiastically refer my own clients to this wellness-centered form of dentistry."

Jennette Cable, ND, CTN, CCH, Creative Care & Wellness Center

"I had two crowns done on the same tooth within a two year period by my dentist in Chicago. The tooth was very painful....could not even chew soft foods. The first crown hurt so it was replaced with a new one, which did not solve the problem. A root canal was discussed to relieve the pain. I did not want another crown or a root canal. Then I researched how to do dentistry more naturally.....I discovered Biomimetic Dentistry. Nobody in Chicago was doing this type of dentistry, so I searched for the closest biomimetic dentist. I found Dr Schwartz in Port Washington, WI. He removed the crown and fixed the problem without doing another new crown. Dr Schwartz rebuilt the tooth with a filling. The tooth feels much better, more natural, and I chew on it!"

-- Upasana S.

"Dr. Schwartz is a great dentist. He is easy to talk with and discuss procedures. I am very impressed with his modern equipment including the use of a laser for cavity detection. He also cleaned up some old fillings, removed the decay underneath, and replaced them with white fillings. He is very personable, knowledgable, and talented. I have been improving my diet, decreasing chemicals, and striving for better health. I was very concerned about fluoride and mercury fillings. Dr. Schwartz has removed my mercury fillings and educated how to take care of my teeth while avoiding fluoride. He is part of my path to healthy living. I have had two other dentists in my life time. The first one was from my hometown for 21 years of my life. The second one was for 20 years before I changed jobs. I then spent a year looking for a dentist near my house. I have finally found the best dentist ever."

-- Paul T.

"Dr Schwartz performed the highest value of quality dentistry, while making me feel extremely comfortable."

-- Laura P.

"Upon my visit to the office, I found the staff very caring and open to my concerns. I found Bryan someone I could easily talk too and as time went on, someone highly skilled and professional."

-- David

"Finally, NO PAIN going to the dentist! Wish I had met Dr. Bryan years ago."

-- Margaret

"Since coming to this office, I have taken ownership of my oral health."

-- Kat D.

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125 W. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 102
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