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Dear clients,

I don’t believe in accidents. Through the years, some of the most memorable and meaningful events in my life have occurred after a seemingly chance happening. Some event that gave me goose bumps or that made me feel, this is important. I am writing to you today about an experience that feels just like that. I have chosen a dentist who will be joining my practice.

For me, this is a meaningful event. Now, I feel the comfort of knowing that someone will be here to help you with your holistic dental health decisions in the future, whenever I choose to retire. Here is the story.

Over the past 10 years, it has not been unusual for me to receive a few letters per month, asking to list my practice for sale, promising they had the perfect dentist to take over for me. I routinely toss them out. But for some reason, on December 21st of last year, I kept one. I cannot really tell you why… this letter just felt different to me, one of those important feelings. It took me over a month to act on it but when I finally did, I found myself having coffee with Dr. Bryan Schwartz.

I knew I would be heading out to California soon, to visit my son and his family, so we agreed to meet again when I returned. Upon arriving home, I found myself busy catching up. I was planning to call Bryan and set up a time to meet, when fate took over. Lori and I ran into Bryan and his wife Jaime, one evening, while attending a show at the Riverside Theatre. We had not been to the Riverside in years! We were all surprised to see each other, saw a good show, and spent the rest of the evening chatting about my office and each of our plans for the future. It was a great evening.

A month later in June, Bryan and I met for dinner. He had just returned from a continuing education course in “Biomimetic Dentistry”, a term I was not familiar with, but a concept upon which I had, unknowingly, built my entire restorative practice. Bryan was excited to tell me about the techniques he had learned, and as he did, I recognized the similarities to techniques I was currently using. These involved placing restorations safely, scientifically, and conservatively; all factors that result in long lasting dental health. I mentioned the instructors I had trained with and Bryan was surprised. They were actually the same doctors who had developed these newer techniques. Biomimetic means ‘to copy what is life-like’- to return decayed or damaged tooth structure to its original strength, function and esthetics. We were blown away by listening to each other talk about what is important to us, how Bryan longed to treat clients with integrity, and how I have been doing this for 38 years of practice. Understanding Bryan’s passion for quality care was foundational to me before I could consider furthering a professional relationship with him.

I continued to share my vision for treating clients. How I support each person with education about their current dental health. How I listen to them deeply, as they share what is important to them. How together the client and I develop a plan that fits their particular needs, and finally provide services in a time frame that is personally appropriate. Bryan didn’t believe there could be a practice that actually functions this way but has always longed to provide care in this manner. He asked me if I might consider having him join me, merging both our experience and enthusiasm.

I never believed I would find a dentist who had the same passion for dentistry as I do. I wondered how I would find someone who cares, as deeply as I do, about doing quality treatment, sincerely, carefully, with integrity, from the heart. Well, I am confident I have found that person in Bryan. I am very excited to announce to you, that on November 1, Dr. Bryan J. Schwartz will be taking over ownership of my health centered dental practice. Bryan and I will strive to provide you with the very best care on the planet. He will share his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for providing quality dental care. I will support him by continuing to care for my clients, as I have for the past 38 years, while helping to deepen Bryan’s understanding of holistic concepts.

Honestly, I cannot tell you how honored I feel to have Bryan joining me, and how comfortable I feel knowing he will be here to help me care for you. I have grown to know and care for him deeply. He is a sincere and talented man. I know you will like him. There are no accidents! Just a few more things… as of November 1, 2013, Bryan and I will again be accepting new clients. We will be expanding our office hours to five days per week and the office will remain open during all of the winter months. There will be some necessary re-arranging of our schedule to accommodate integrating Bryan into the office, so you might receive a call from Lori offering you other options for any appointments you may have scheduled in 2014.

Most sincerely, and with great pleasure,

Dr. Steve Carini

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